"In a complex industry such as 3D, it is important to have meaningful market data, figures and forecasts that you can factor into your own business model and apply to your own situation on an ongoing basis. M2 Research has always served us well in that capacity, and having that kind of market knowledge on your team has proven to be an invaluable asset. We're also extremely fortunate to have M2's principal analyst, Wanda Meloni, on NGRAIN's Advisory Board. Her objective industry expertise provides very valuable input into our strategic planning process."
“Wanda is beyond doubt one of the most knowledgeable and forward-thinking analysts I know in the game and film technology space. She has helped me numerous times in defining the big picture for certain technologies and their impact on the market. I would highly recommend Wanda and her research to any executive looking to get into this market space, or needing expert strategic advice for their company.
"M2's market studies and reports contain the most comprehensive 3D technology (among other digital media areas) analysis we've come across. The information is thorough, timely and on point, and comes from reliable analysts who are clearly plugged into the industry."
"Wanda has long been a source of insight into what is driving the 3D industry and I always look forward to reading her reports."
"As a developer of 3D animation software for the entertainment industry, it is always vital to monitor the latest products, technologies and trends taking shape in the market - and that means having solid information. M2 Research has consistently been an accurate source of data for us, and when it comes to 3D, Wanda Meloni certainly has the pulse of the industry. And now, M2's new "Digital Media Market Study" enables us to have a virtual 3D encyclopedia at our fingertips."
"Wanda Meloni is a dynamic source for the latest information on the 3D and graphics industry."
"Working in the computer hardware arena as a leading designer and manufacturer of 3D graphics and digital media solutions, We must have our arms around the latest developments in areas like PC and Mac desktop and notebook platforms, as well as workstation, digital television and game consoles. The advantage of working with M2 Research is that their expertise touches on all key areas of the computer graphics / digital media space. They have a firm grasp of the market and a proven track record for delivering timely, relevant information."
"In order to stay abreast of new companies, products and technologies in the digital media space, it is critical for us to have a source of information to turn to, but perhaps more importantly, to rely on. At DMOD, we've found the market data and analysis from M2 Research to be fresh, insightful and forward-thinking. Wanda Meloni's input was invaluable to us recently, having incorporated it into some successful investor-related presentations."